General cleaning of apartments

As for cleaning services of apartments / houses, everyone has their own ideas and solutions. Some are satisfied only if the apartment is impeccably clean even in the remotest corners, while others are content when it is more or less tidy. However, one bad thing related to badly cleaned apartment is that there are various […]

Cleaning of offices

Office cleaning is a very important and time-consuming activity that is necessary for keeping working space clean and tidy. Every office should have positive cosy and convenient working environment. But it is very difficult to keep any working space clean and tidy. There is a lot of people in the office  – employees, partners and […]

Commercial and retail areas

When cleaning commercial and retail spaces, the quality of cleaning services is especially important, both for you and your customer the physical appearance of commercial area is of big significance. We know your and your customers’ expectations. If you keep your store clean, it will improve the customer´s experience with your store. Floors, clean carpets, […]

Service of the janitor

The responsibility of janitors lies in the maintenance of outdoor areas and staircases. This service includes keeping the inside of the house clean, maintaining of sidewalks and driveways, green spaces, parking lots, etc. In winter, janitorial activities also include snow removal and de-icing. At the request of customers, regular service related to the object can […]

Cleaning of warehouse spaces

If you are the owner of a large or medium-sized warehouse, you understand how important it is to keep it clean. Dirt, dust and moisture can affect the overall state of the warehouse and products stored there. To ensure protection against the unpleasant combination of circumstances, you will need professional cleaning of warehouses and the […]

Special harvest operations

General cleaning after construction The purpose of general cleaning after construction and repair works is to provide customers with clean and solid-looking surfaces. As a result of this work dust and debris is removed, all surfaces cleaned and if necessary, treated with protective agents. The treament should be planned in advance to get the desired […]

Cleaning of houses

Cleaning of houses is a very labour-intensive process, requiring well-considered solutions and a lot of time and effort. Everyone who keeps up with the times cannot afford to carry out extensive cleaning of the house in full amount and in sufficient quality all by themselves. And every living space, especially if there are the children, […]